The Pink PouchTM Bathing Garment

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Pink Pouch Bathing Garment

The Pink Pouch Bathing Garment is a drain management system for post-mastectomy or post-surgical women with drains as part of home care. The patented Pink Pouch is made of water-resistant Neoprene material, soft lining, two Velcro flaps on each side for tubing security, and three pouches on each side to accommodate up to six drains. Our wrap around design closes securely in the front with a Velcro closure for comfort and wound protection in the shower. 

The Pink PouchTM Bathing Garment allows for the drains to be securely attached to the garment in a comfortable and convenient pouch sewn onto the garment and keeps the tubing secure through a side flap that is secured by a VELCRO closure. It is made of Neoprene, or “diving material,” with a soft insulated lining to protect against moisture.